Enjoy an exciting film festival experience in Hibiya.

HIBIYA CINEMA FESTIVAL 2022【2022.10.14 Fri - 10.23 Sun】


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Movie mania!

Enjoy a variety of great movies, new and old, out in the open air,
while enjoying the autumn breeze.
The Minions zone on the grand staircase will further boost the excitement for both adults and children!

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Click here to see the film schedule (764KB)

Oct. 14 (Fri.) to Oct. 23 (Sun.) 12:00-18:00
*Free access, no charge!

*The screening time varies depending on the film. Please check details in the film schedule. *The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Place Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Step Square 
* No postponement for rain. Cancelled for severe weather.
Seats Approx. 140 seats. *Movies can be viewed from the Minions zone.
Charge Free access, no charge.

Hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Hibiya Area Management Association
Supported by TOHO CINEMAS LTD.


This year’s theme is “movie mania”. Four zones are available according to your style, such as with your family and friends, or as an individual. During the event, a food truck of Hibiya Matsumotoro restaurant will be open. The area can be used as a free space where you can enjoy tasty Hibiya cuisine.


The venue is a free space that you can freely use from 12:00 to 21:00.

*Depending on circumstances, temperature measurement and hand disinfection may be required.
*The Relaxation zone from 18:00 to 21:00 on the 15th (Sat.) to 21st (Fri.) must be reserved in advance.

  • Minions zone (viewing)

    *Conceptual image.

    Minions zone (viewing)

    Minions appear on the grand staircase at Hibiya Step Square! Four giant Minions statues from the movie “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, will appear at the grand staircase. You can sit on the grand staircase and enjoy the movie.

  • Café zone (approx. 80 seats)

    Café zone (approx. 90 seats)

    You can watch the movie while eating, drinking and talking at café tables. Satisfy your senses and appetite at the same time!

  • Pallet zone (approx. 20 seats)

    Pallet zone (approx. 20 seats)

    Flexible furniture is constructed with reusable- material pallets. You can sit anywhere, enabling a comfortable viewing style.

  • Relaxing zone (approx. 30 seats)

    Relaxing zone (approx. 30 seats)

    Relaxing furniture is arranged for you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of movies. Ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy and focus on the movie 100%.
    *Seats will be changed to special viewing at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival in Hibiya, held at evening. (Reservation is required.)

Minions zone

To further boost the “movie mania”, Minions will appear on the grand staircase at Hibiya Step Square! Four giant Minions statues from the movie “Minions: The Rise of Gru” will appear on the grand staircase. Add to the enjoyment of movie viewing with the Minions by taking photos with them.

  • Minions zone1
  • Minions zone2

*Conceptual image.

Movie mania screenings

Enjoy a wide variety of new and old movies at movie mania screenings. Selected movies include great films that adults and children can enjoy, both old classics and recent big hits.

Film lineup

  • La La Land
    La La Land


    Oct.14 (Fri.) 14:45
    Oct. 16 (Sun.) 13:00/ 15:00
    Oct. 21 (Fri.) 15:00
  • Mamma Mia!
    Mamma Mia!


    Oct. 15 (Sat.) 13:00
  • Sing


    Oct. 15 (Sat.) 15:00
  • Muthu
    4K & 5.1ch Digitally Remastered Version


    Oct. 17 (Mon.) 15:00
  • Staying Alive
    Staying Alive


    Oct. 18 (Tue.) 15:00
  • Dreamgirls


    Oct. 19 (Wed.) 15:00
  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
    Mamma Mia!
    Here We Go Again


    Oct. 20 (Thu.) 15:00
    Oct. 23 (Sun.) 13:00/17:30
  • Rocketman


    Oct. 22 (Sat.) 13:00/18:00
  • Les Misérables
    Les Misérables


    Oct. 22 (Sat.) 15:00
  • Jersey Boys
    Jersey Boys


    Oct. 23 (Sun.) 15:00

Short films of the world will be screened during the “Movie Mania” interludes.

In between “Movie Mania” film screenings, a total of eight short films will be screened in which you can enjoy the world of 10- or 15-minute short films. The lineup includes award-winning works of the International Short Film Festival “ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia”. Even if you don’t usually have time to watch movies, you can enjoy a glimpse of the world of movies while sipping your favorite drink.


SHORTSHORTS, a comprehensive brand of short films, holds the “ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia" (SSFF & ASIA), one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia, authorized by the American Academy Award, hosted by actor Tetsuya Bessho. As well as this, it develops various projects such as screenings, film distribution, production, and collaboration with companies and governments.


Screening time: Weekdays 12:00-15:00 (12:00-14:00 only for Oct. 14th),
Sat.&Sun. 12:00-13:00

Film lineup

  • Il Mondiale in piazza
    Il Mondiale in piazza


    Director : Vito Palmieri
    Country : Italy
    Awards : SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2019

    In the center of a small town in the south of Italy, a “World Cup on the Street” was held by a group of friends. The organizers participated as the Italian national team. While national teams from various other countries applied for participation, a team formed by young immigrants also wanted to participate as the Italian national team. Which Italian national team will win?

  • Once Upon a Line
    Once Upon a Line


    Director : Alicja Jasina
    Country : USA
    Awards : Student Academy Award (U.S.A.): Gold Medal

    His life was calm until he fell in love. However, his “Love” brings a new light into his life.

  • Postcards


    Director : Inés Pintor, Pablo Santidrián
    Country : Spain
    Awards : Montgomery Film Festival 2017 (U.S.A.)

    A man and a woman meet on a deserted beach. Is it a fateful encounter? They decide to confirm their true feelings by exchanging letters to each other for a year.

  • Sing


    Director : Kristóf Deák
    Country : Hungary
    Awards : The 89th Academy Award: Best Live Action Short Film

    Gentle 10-year-old girl Joffe has just transferred to a new school. At first, she was slightly reluctant, but soon decides to join the famous school choir and befriends her popular classmate, Liza. Before long, they band together to confront the choir conductor. Contrary to her appearance, she actually has a mean streak.

  • Cut Cut
    Cut Cut


    Director : Leila Macaire
    Country : France
    Awards : SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2020

    A story about a woman breaking free from the conventional world. Ruth works for three typical beauticians. She becomes tired of fantasizing about her non-existent world, and decides to act like the other three, in search of her real feelings about being alive.

  • Final Exam
    Final Exam


    Director : Kai Xiang Chang
    Country : Singapore
    Awards : SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2020

    Is getting a good score in tests more important than compassion? At a highly competitive school, three highly graded students help their classmate Nina study for her exams. The three realize that the next test is likely to be Nina's last at the school.

  • The Stick
    The Stick


    Director : Teppo Airaksinen
    Country : Finland
    Awards : SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2020

    A girl whose father won't allow her to have a pet dog makes an eccentric new friend.

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday


    Director : Basile Charpentier
    Country : France
    Awards : SHORTSHORTS Film Festival & Asia 2021

    40-year-old Pascal got divorced and is leading an eccentric life. Today is his son's birthday. He rides on his moped with his dog to find gifts for his son.

The 4th Toronto Japanese Film Festival
in Hibiya

Popular Japanese movies with English subtitles can be viewed for free!
A talk session with directors will be live-streamed! 
Share the excitement with the directors themselves!

The 4th Toronto Japanese Film Festival
  • The 4th Toronto Japanese Film Festival1
  • The 4th Toronto Japanese Film Festival2
Click here to see the film schedule (764KB)

Oct. 15 (Sat.) to Oct. 21 (Fri.)
18:30 to 21:00
[Director on stage]
18:30 to 19:00,
[Movie] 19:00-

*The screening time varies depending on the film. Please check details in the film schedule. *The schedule is subject to change without notice. *The schedule of directors appearing on stage may also be changed without notice.

Place Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Step Square 
*No postponement for rain. Cancelled for severe weather.
A director’s talk session will be livestreamed. (No livestreaming on the 18th).
Click here to see livestreaming.
Seats Relaxing zone: approx. 30 seats (needs reservation), Pallet zone: approx. 20 seats, Café zone: approx. 90 seats
*Unreserved seats are also available.
Reservations Reservations are required for the relaxing zone (approx. 30 seats.) For reseravation
Charge Free

Hosted by the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Hibiya Area Management Association.
Supported by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The Toronto Japanese Film Festival is sponsored by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center (JCCC) in Canada, and celebrated its 11th anniversary this year. The Toronto Japanese Film Festival (TJFF) aims to introduce knowledge about Japanese culture to the general public. Japanese films that have received high praise from audiences and film critics in Japan, as well as those that have won awards at film festivals internationally and at the Japan Academy Awards are screened. Most of the movies have premiered in North America and Canada (incl. Toronto). Directors and cast members from Japan are on stage to promote the films. In June 2022, we screened 24 films with an audience for the first time in three years.

What is the Toronto Japanese Film Festival?

Film lineup

  • Director on stage 18:30

    One Summer Story
    One Summer Story


    Oct. 15 (Sat.) 19:00

    Director: Shuichi Okita
    Cast: Moka Kamishiraishi, Kanata Hosoda and more

    In her junior year of high school, Minami, a girl in the swimming club, has a fateful encounter with Mr. Moji, a boy in the calligraphy club. With the help of Mr. Moji’s older brother, she finds her father, whom she separated from when she was young. While she is confused by her shady father, she ends up spending summer vacation with him in a seaside town.

    Director: Shuichi Okita
    Born in 1977, in Saitama. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Cinema Department in 2001. 2009: Commercial film debut with “Nankyoku Ryorinin” (Antarctic Chef), which was released nationwide, and won the 2009 Shindo Kaneto Award (Golden Award), the 29th Fujimoto Award (Rookie of the Year), and the 1st Theatre Staff Movie Festival (2nd award). “Kitsutsuki to ame” which was released in 2012 was the first Japanese film to win the triple crown at the Dubai International Film Festival. “Yokomichi Yonosuke” released in February 2013, based on Shuichi Yoshida’s novel, won the 56th Blue Ribbon Award for Best Picture and other Japanese film awards, while he received high acclaim both Japan and internationally. He also won the 10th Tama Movie Special Award with “Mori no iru basho” released in May 2018, and is expected to lead the next generation of the Japanese film industry.

  • Director on stage 18:30



    Oct. 16 (Sun.) 19:00

    Director: Non
    Cast: Non, Rio Yamashita, Daichi Watanabe, Karin Ono, Misayo Haruki, Daikichi Sugawara and more

    The year 2020 was suffering from pandemic misfortune. As a result, the graduation exhibition at the art university Itsuka attends was canceled. She decides to take the work home, and faces so many emotions swirling around that she can't do anything. Itsuka also clashes with her parents who are worried about her. Her younger sister Mai also overreacted to COVID-19. Her best friend Hirai is also getting frustrated. Itsuka’s heart is moved by a reunion with the friend who encouraged her drawing and the collision with Hirai. Everyone suffered in the year 2020. A teenage story to find the light.

    Director: Non
    Actress and creative artist. Debuted as a feature film director, screenwriter and editor with “Ribbon”. She also starred in this film and was in charge of art. Played the voice of the main character, Suzu, in the 2016 theatrical animation “In This Corner of the World”, and won the Best Animated Feature Award at the 40th Japan Academy Awards. In 2019, she launched a new record label “KAIWEA(RE)CORD”. In 2020, she starred in “Stardust Town”, “The Story of the Monster that dies in 8 days on the 12th day” and “Stop me”. Currently, “Sakana no Ko” is playing at theatres. “The Three Sisters of Tenmaso” will be released on October 28th, 2022.

  • Director on stage 18:30



    Oct. 17 (Mon.) 19:00

    Director: Daihachi Yoshida
    Cast: Yo Oizumi, Mayu Matsuoka and more

    A major publisher "Kunfusha" was experiencing problems. In addition to the long recession in publishing, the president of the founding family suddenly passed away. A power struggle breaks out over the next president. Due to the major reforms promoted by Managing Director Higashimatsu (Koichi Sato), magazines are discontinued one after another. Hayami (Yo Oizumi), the eccentric editor-in-chief of the company's luggage magazine "Trinity", is also forced into a difficult situation. However, this man actually hides a ridiculous "fang" behind his smile! Lies, betrayals, leaks, accusations. In the midst of the swirling conspiracies of upper management, writers, and co-workers who are full of idiosyncracies, what is the "great reversal" plan that wagers on Hayami's survival, involving a new editor, Takano (Mayu Matsuoka)?

    Director: Daihachi Yoshida
    Born on October 2, 1963, in Kagoshima.
    Works as a director:
    2007: Funuke Show Some Love, You Lovers!
    2009: Kuhio Taisa
    2010: Permanent Nobara
    2012: The Kirishima Thing
    2014: Pale Moon
    2017: A Beautiful Star
    2018: The Scythian Lamb

    Major awards:
    2021: The 34th Yokohama Film Festival, Director’s Award.
    2012: The 67th Mainichi Film Award, Japanese Film Award, Director’s Award.
    2012: The 36th Japan Academy Film Prize, Best Work Award, Best Director Award
    2014: The 38th Japan Academy Film Prize, Director’s Award

  • Director on stage 18:30

    And So The Baton Is Passed
    And So The Baton Is Passed


    Oct. 18 (Tue.) 19:00

    Director: Tetsu Maeda
    Cast: Mei Nagano, Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara and more

    Miitan, a crybaby elementary school kid who lost her mother finds a new mother, Rika. However, her father suddenly went abroad and her parents got divorced. Miitan is left alone with Rika, who is flamboyant and has poor parenting skills. Rika loves her, but when she remarries, she suddenly disappears. On the other hand, Yuko, a high school girl, lives with her father-in-law, who loves cooking and is kind to her. Yuko, who always smiles, has problems with her school and her boyfriend. Yuko and Miitan seemed to be living their own lives and never crossed, but there was a big secret behind all this.

    Director: Tetsu Maeda
    After working part-time at a studio as an art assistant, he became a freelance assistant director. As an art assistant, he worked with directors such as Juzo Itami, Yojiro Takita, Yoichi Sai, Junji Sakamoto, Joji Matsuoka, and Masayuki Suo. In 1998, he made his debut as a theatrical film director with episode 3 of the omnibus film “Pocky zaka Koi Monogatari: Cute People” directed by Shinji Somai. Major directorial works include "Pakodatejin" (2002), "Cheerful gangs turn the earth" (2006), "Dolphin Blue Fuji, once again in the sky" (2007), "Classroom with pigs" (2008), “Banana at this late hour?” (2018), “Rogo no shikin ga arimasen” (2021), and more.

  • Director on stage 18:30



    Oct. 19 (Wed.) 19:00

    Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
    Cast: Lily Franky, Sakura Ando, Mayu Matsuoka, Kairi Jo, Miyu Sasaki, Kirin Kiki and more

    Osamu and Nobuyo, a married couple, son Shota, and Nobuyo's younger sister, Aki, live in a one-story house that looks like it's about to collapse, left alone in between high-rise apartment buildings. Their target is Hatsue's pension, the owner of this house. Their lack of living expenses is countered by shoplifting. One day in winter, Osamu takes home a young girl shivering in the hallway of a nearby housing complex. Her body is injured and Nobuyo decides to raise her as her daughter. However, a certain incident causes the family to be torn apart, and their secrets and wishes are revealed one after another.

    Director: Yoshikazu Koreeda
    Born June 6, 1962 in Tokyo. After graduating from Waseda University in 1987, he joined the TV Man Union. Mainly directing documentary programs, he became independent in 2014 and launched the production group "Bunfuku". In 1995, he made his directorial debut with “Maboroshi no Hikari”, which won the Golden Osella Award at the 52nd Venice International Film Festival. In 2013, he won the Jury Prize at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival for "And Father Become a Father." In 2018, "Shoplifters" won the Palme d'Or at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for the 91st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, won the 44th César Award for Best Foreign Film, and the 42nd Japan Academy Prize. It received the highest award in eight categories. In 2022, he won the Best Actor Award at the 75th Cannes Film Festival for “Baby Broker”.

  • Director on stage 18:30

    INUBU : The Dog Club
    INUBU : The Dog Club


    Oct. 20 (Thu.) 19:00

    Director: Tetsuo Shinohara
    Cast: Kento Hayashi, Taishi Nakagawa, Sakurako Ohara, Kodai Asaka and more

    A youth "dog love" movie based on a humane society club called "Inubu" that actually existed in Towada city, Aomori. After saving a dog that has a closed mind after being used in experiments, Sota Sakurai (Played by Hento Hayashi) established Inubu (Dog Club), a society for animal protection. After 16 years, the former members of the club reunite in response to the news that Sota, who had continued to devote himself to animal protection activities even after becoming a veterinarian, has been arrested. Only his best friend, Shibasaki (Taishi Nakagawa) wasn't there...

    Director: Tetsuo Shinohara
    Born in Tokyo in February 1962. He gained experience working as an assistant director for Yoshimitsu Morita and other independent film makers, and gained much attention with his first feature film "Moon and Cabbage" (1996) starring Masayoshi Yamazaki. Since then, he has directed topical works such as "Hatsukoi" (2000), "Life" (2002), "On the Metro" (2006), and "Terminal Station Terminal" (2015). He received the 41st Japan Academy Award for Best Director for “Hanasensa” (2017), starring Mansai Nomura. In addition, he has worked with Masayoshi Yamazaki with short films "Kendama" (2002), "Goodbye" (2006), and "Kagefumi" (2019). Reina Tanaka, who starred in "Hatsukoi" and "Yamazakura", also starred on this film for the fourth time.

  • Director on stage 18:30

    The Last 10 Years
    The Last 10 Years


    Oct. 21 (Fri.) 19:00

    Director: Michihito Fujii
    Cast: Nana Komatsu, Kentaro Sakaguchi and more

    A heartrending love story featuring RADWIMPS music! Twenty-year-old Mari learns that she has only 10 years to live due to an incurable disease affecting only one in tens of thousands of people. In order not to stick to life, she decides not to fall in love with anyone. But then, she meets Kazuto, a former classmate, at her class reunion. The two became closer after this encounter. The movie was filmed over all four seasons of the year. This most heartwarming movie tells how fabulous “ordinary days with precious people” that everyone experiences can be.

    Director: Michihito Fujii
    Born in 1986. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Cinema, he established the video group "BABELL LABEL" in 2010. His commercial work debut was "Oh! Father" (2014). Since then, he has made energetic announcements such as "Ao no Kaerimichi" (2018), "Day and Night" (2019), "The Brightest Roof in the Universe" (2020), "Yakuza to kazoku The Family" (2021), and the Netflix drama "Shimbunshi" (2022), with many waiting works. At the 43rd Japan Academy Awards, the movie "The Newspaper Reporter" (2022) won six awards, including Best Picture, and many other awards.

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for the relaxing zone.

HIBIYA Matsumotoro café

Enjoy tasty Hibiya cuisine from the
food truck of an old-established restaurant!

the food truck’s original menu

A food truck of Hibiya Matsumotoro, which was founded 120 years ago and represents the tastes of Hibiya, will be open for the first time at this event. You can savor delicious dishes for lunch as you view the movies, selected from the food truck’s original menu.

Menu (examples)

  • Spicy potato
    Spicy potato ¥500
  • Yangnyeom Chicken
    Yangnyeom Chicken ¥700*Price includes tax.
Click here to see the menu(703KB)

Oct. 14 (Fri.) to Oct. 23 (Sun.)

Place Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Step Square

Hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya/
Hibiya Area Management Association
Supported by Hibiya Matsumotoro restaurant

Looking back through Kinema Junpo covers:
“Relive the enthusiasm of the movies!” exhibition

A poster exhibition of Kinema Junpo covers for movies that delivered enthusiasm to many people.

Early June, 1978 issue “Saturday Night Fever”/Early July, 1979 issue
Early June, 1978 issue “Saturday Night Fever”/Early July, 1979 issue “Superman”/Early November, 1986 issue "Top Gun"

Oct. 14 (Fri.) to Nov. 2 (Wed.)

Place Tokyo Midtown Hibiya B1F,
Hibiya Arcade
Charge Free

Hosted by the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,
Hibiya Area Management Association.
In cooperation with Kinema Junposha KK

2022 collaborative project

premium theatre
for two days only

Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. 4F,
TOHO cinemas Hibiya screens 1

“Applause cheering screenings” in collaboration with TOHO Cinemas
As a special event of "HIBIYA CINEMA FESTIVAL 2022", applause cheering screenings of “The Greatest Showman" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" will be held at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, a TCX® compatible premium theater (screen 1) on Oct. 18 (Tue.) and 20 (Thu.) only.

premium theatre
Film lineup
  • Greatest Showman
    Greatest Showman

    105 min.

    Oct. 18 (Tue.) 19:00

    screens 1

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
    Bohemian Rhapsody

    135 min.

    Oct. 20 (Thu.) 19:00

    screens 1

Ticket is required for entry. Please contact TOHO Cinemas HIBIYA.

(Call from 10:00 to 21:00 and talk to the operator.)