HIBIYA Magic Time Illumination 光の幕が、いま上がる。2021.11/18 THU - 2022.2/14 MON ︳LIGHT UP 17:00-23:00 一般財団法人日比谷エリアマネジメント/東京ミッドタウン日比谷/日比谷シャンテ

When countless lights illuminate the city, it transforms into your very own stage. And beyond the magic of light that excites you, a dazzling tomorrow awaits.

This event and illumination time may be cancelled or changed
depending on the current status of the coronavirus situation.
Thank you very much for your understanding.


2021.11/18THU - 2022. 2/14MON Illumination time:17:00―23:00 Locations:Hibiya-Nakadori St. and Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Sponsored by Hibiya Area Management Association/Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

HIBIYA AREA ILLUMINATION lights up and beckons the Christmas season to the Hibiya area at this time of the year. Lovingly wrapped in gradation colors that portray a new beginning with the wish “May a wonderful tomorrow shine”, to open up a fantastic atmosphere. Stroll among the changing colors from tree to tree.


2021.11/18THU - 12/26SUN *The latest animated film from Disney, “Encanto” decoration will end by Dec. 26 (Sun.) 2021. *Illuminations at the steps will end by Feb. 14 (Mon.), 2022. Illumination time 17:00―23:00 Location 1F Hibiya Step Square at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya In cooperation with Hibiya Area Management Association Supported by the latest animated film from Disney, “Encanto”.

HIBIYA WINTER SQUARE is a decorated winter square with seven Christmas trees and illuminations. This year, with a theme of “TOMORROW — a new beginning“, colorful trees based on gradation colors appear. A new illumination arrangement designed for the new normal era, where you can enjoy viewing the illuminations while maintaining an appropriate distance from others.

[Music] Illuminations can be viewed accompanied by background music from masterpiece movies and plays from various eras and countries. Listen out for the special music from the latest animated film from Disney, “Encanto” (at 10, 30, 50 min. of each hour).

The latest animated film from Disney,
“Encanto” official website

Special illumination show“Coming Tomorrow“

Special illumination show “TOMORROW — a new beginning

Special illumination show programmed along with this year’s theme “TOMORROW — a new beginning“ are displayed every 20 minutes. These illuminations express the beauty of the sky from the dark of night to the morning light through vivid gradation colors. Light spreads out radially from the center of the Step Square to beyond its edges, reaching out like waves to the stairway and Hibiya-Nakadori St. Come and experience this fantastic show that’s unique to Hibiya.

illumination show
Starts from 17:00 (at 00, 20, 40 min. of each hour during the illumination time).
The last show starts at 22:40.
Special illuminations “TOMORROW — a new beginning

One of the commemorative pieces of stars flowing in AR

One of the commemorative pieces of stars flowing in AR

Read the QR code with your smartphone and place your smartphone camera over the main tree to activate the AR filter. The meteor with the morning star motif moves. Countless light glitters wrap around the tree accompanied by music. Enjoy shooting a fantastic image with the original AR filter and share it on social media.

Period Nov. 18 (Thu.) to Dec. 26 (Sun.) 2021
Location Hibiya Step Square
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Magic time hashtags #hibiyamorningstar #ヒビヤモーニングスター

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One of the commemorative pieces of stars flowing in AR


2021.11/18THU - 2022. 2/14MON Illumination time 17:00―23:00 Location 6F Park View Garden at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

The Park View Garden on the 6th floor from where you can enjoy a night vista of Hibiya park, the outer gardens of the Imperial Palace, and Hibiya St., transforms into a wonderful night viewing spot for this special season only. Similar to the Hibiya Step Square, the lawn is decorated with gradation colors for the first time, creating a highly photogenic scene. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, come and relax among the illuminations and beautiful nighttime views. This is definitely one of the most recommended spots at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

Earth Christmas Tree

Environment-friendly Christmas Tree:

The “Earth Christmas Tree” is an environment-friendly Christmas tree utilizing illuminations powered by plant energy. Without employing conventional power sources, the botanical energy released by living plants is harnessed as electricity. Planters are also made of wood from waste furniture and building materials to make effective use of forest resources.

Installation period Nov.18 (Thu.) to Dec.26 (Sun.)
Installation locations Inside the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya buildings

Hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
In cooperation with GREEN DISPLAY .Co.,Ltd.

Magic Time Illumination 2021 is
a sustainability-conscious project

Artificial trees trees
Artificial trees
Recycled wood chips
Recycled wood chips
1. Reduce
◆ LED lightsLED lights are used for all the decorative illuminations. Compared to incandescent bulbs, this reduces power consumption by approx. 40%.
2. Reuse
◆ Artificial treesAll the trees used for HIBIYA WINTER SQUARE in Hibiya Step Square are artificial trees and can be used repeatedly to minimize waste.◆ Reduce wasteTree boxes and planters at HIBIYA WINTER SQUARE are reusable, which reduces waste.
3. Recycle
◆ Recycled wood chipsChips made by crushing waste wood are placed at the base of the trees and also serve to conceal wiring.

Harmony With Nature

Nov. 16 (Tue.) to Dec. 26 (Sun.) 2021 Illumination time: From 17:00 to 23:00 Location: Hibiya Chanter Hosted by Hibiya Chanter

Based on the theme of "Harmony with Nature", authentic red and gold ornaments and original decorations of green and wood motifs create an outdoor Christmas ambiance that can only be experienced here. It combines with the two nostalgic elements of "a retro atmosphere that makes you feel warm and relaxed", and "classic Christmas scenery brought by nature".
From Dec. 5 (Sun.) to 26 (Sun.), a costume exhibition of the five Takarazuka Revue troupes is to be held. Splendid stage costumes of the Flower, Moon, Snow, Star and Cosmos troupes will be displayed. Enjoy the exhibition with panel photos. The sixth edition of the "Takarazuka Revue Performance Flyer & Stage Photo Collection — 20th Anniversary of Tokyo Takarazuka Theater Renewal" will also be held until December 30th (Thu.)!

More details about Harmony With Nature

Christmas illuminations at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo!

Christmas illuminations at Imperial Hotel, Tokyo!

A red and gold Christmas tree decorates the inside of the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo while others are lit in blue to express gratitude to hardworking healthcare professionals.

Period Christmas trees: Nov. 23 (Tue. national holiday) to Dec. 25 (Sat.), 2021 Illuminations: Nov. 18 (Thu.), 2021 to Feb. 14 (Mon.), 2022.*tentative
Location Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

Hosted by Imperial Hotel, Ltd.
*Conceptual image *These Christmas illuminations utilize green electricity

Click here to know more
about the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo Christmas illuminations.

Let's look for ornaments
in various places in Hibiya

Ornaments with the morning star motif that shines brightly are hidden in various places around the Hibiya area. Find the morning star which is the good luck symbol for each area.

Period Nov. 18 (Thu.) 2021
to Feb. 14 (Mon.) 2022
Areas Hibiya Naka-dori, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Hibiya Chanter, Imperial Hotel, Tokyo


HIBIYA Area Illumination[11/18 THU. ~ 2/14 MON.]/“Encanto” presents  HIBIYA WINTER SQUARE[11/18 THU. ~ 12/26 SUN.]/PARK VIEW WINTER GARDEN[11/18 THU. ~ 2/14 MON.]/Harmony with Nature[11/16 TUE ~ 12/26 SUN]


Click on the map below for illumination areas.

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CHRISTMAS 2021[11/18 THU - 12/15 SAT]